Wednesday, 22 June 2016



T.E.A.M Music Group 
Blvze It Up(Clean)(OJ, Shay The Lioness, TaTz & G)( StadiQ Beatz)

This single serves as the 1st collective effort by T.E.A.M Music Group, the song is aimed to be a party starter.


OJ: Written by Mimi Shiburi (Recorded by Rudolph Dlakude)

Shay The Lioness: Written by Mimi Shiburi (Recorded by Rudolph Dlakude)

TaTz: Written By Tatenda Chiroro (Recorded by Rudolph Dlakude)

G : Written by Gift Sefako (Recorded by Rudolph Dlakude)

Produced by: StadiQ Beatz (Godly Touch Media(Music Devision))

©2015 T.E.A.M Music Group, ℗Godly Touch Media

Friday, 2 October 2015


Ore The Mc [@orethemc] has dropped his 1st solo EP, the only body of work his done on his own called "Directions"

Download here
It's sonically new and old, hence the "New Version Of Old School Boom Bap" is the sub genre this body of work is under.

Your boy StadiQ Beatz on production on track 6 "Take it easy"
Enjoy the EP

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Ayashisa Amateki

Late post, it's better late than never 

You'v seen the show on your TV screens on SABC 1, but what most people didn't know was that I'm behind the theme song and about 40-60% of the backing tracks that you heard on the show.

The song was originally made back in 2010(reworked). The rest is history. 

This is / was my debut on a SABC platform, this theme song has made its way to radio too, used to advertise the show,the vocal clip had featured Trevor Gumbi (South African comedian).

S/O's to Menzi Mthethwa, Lights Camera Action Media and the Ayashisa Amateki team for putting me on.

StadiQ Beatz (Godly Touch Media Producer)

Friday, 28 November 2014

Sim Dope

Sim Dope beat remake

When I heard the album "Sim Dope" really stuck out for me, the bassline is bananas I had to mess with this beat and include it on my Destroy & Rebuild 2 beat-tape, this beat tape contains beats remade within 30 mins.

S/O's to Tweezy & Sticky, Nice work fellas.

Monday, 4 August 2014


G - #RSMWU ft.Penny ( StadiQ Beatz)

No lie, 4 girls in the backseat |
They know my girl but they still wanna baps me |
What!? Yeah they wanna baps G |
So I give them all A's - the way they take D |
We at square taking shots like its vaccine |
I’m with your girl, you at home with your vaseline |
And I got couple wifeys. Like its polygamy |
but anyway...I’m like please pass me the weed |
Put it in the hub, while Ccgie roll a doobie |
And it’s that good kush, you can smell it on my hoodie |
And that’s the type of shit that make your girl wanna do me |
So I pass her the j...while I grab on her booty


Scenarios by “G” accompanied by:
“Roll Some More Weed Up” x8

Verse 2

Im chillin! Okay... Sip a long island... |
I just wanna hit girls...I am so violent |
Okay! I'm like please my check my ride man |
You can hear it way before I drive in|
Good kush, good drink... bad bitches |
We’re at Brooklyn... chillin at Tizz’s |
And I’m a boss, so I give your girl the business |
You find me in her cut....she gon' need a couple stiches! |
Baps it up! Baps it up then I need a smoke break |
Baps it up! Baps it up! Then I roll up another j! |
Im in the Beamer, gear 5 in the fast lane |
Might roll another one while your girl gimme brain


Scenarios by “Sparx” accompanied by:
“Roll Some More Weed Up” x8

Verse 3

Penny Talking


Scenarios by “Penny” accompanied by:
“Roll Some More Weed Up” x4


G: Written by Gift Sefako (Label: T.E.A.M Music Group, Recording Engineer: Rudolph Dlakude)
Penny: Penny Mahlalela (Recording Engineer: Rudolph Dlakude)
Additional Vocal work by: Feni “SparX” Banda
Produced by:  StadiQ Beatz (for Godly Touch Media (Music Division))

©℗2014 T.E.A.M Music Group

Wednesday, 2 July 2014



Lyrics on Rap Genius

StadiQ Beatz ft. SliQ, PxSH, G & Ryu
Tryna Have It All

Verse (SliQ)

Yeah I think about this everyday/
I’m a product of my thoughts tryna’ get myself paid/
Put my heart in & though my heart breaks it’s just waves/
The key is to float & I’m in flat fleet that makes sails/
I’ve been materializing the dreams since I woke up/
Getting fizzy when it comes to the cream like soda/
It’s never been a ghost hunt/
Figures, I should let ‘em in when I post cards/
See I play right whenever/
When stakes are high at measure/
Tryna get mine watch me eliminating my contenders/
AS I’m saying this with pleasure, this is making time for cheddar/
I work with workaholics so they ain’t no time for leisure/
Man the money is the target for the passion as a motive/
You should know this, that’s just a reminder you should know this/
It’s that heavy medal tone so the sound is golden/
Gotta put the money where my mouth is & get this gold in/

Chorus + Hook (PxSH)
I’m tryna get it, tryna have it all/
And I’ll be screaming n*gger f*ck the law/
I mean I’m tryna make paper/
I see an image of it later/
Like oh (x8)

Verse (G)

Okay... G’s verse, so you know what it is/
I got poor man’s dreams but sleep is for the rich/
Its workaholic G… & and still I have not done enough/
It’s probably my realest verse, none of this is made up/
Turned 18… & I’ve been tryna get it all/
Do it for my n*ggers, man loyalty is all I know/
With a bunch of b*tches & all these girls is down to go/
So we go… we go.../
But the hustle real, tryna get on stage doe/
Dream chasing, hardly sleeping, napping when I need to though/
So I’m always there to answer when duty calls/
I be like “I’m coming”, that’s something like a booty call/
And still study IT, so I’m tryna get it right /
So all I write is line… that could be code or rhymes /

Chorus + Hook (PxSH)

Verse (Ryu)

Headed to the top/
Yall about to fall/
Swear to never stop/
Till I have it all/
Changing the game to what it should have been/
Am a no dream, I’m a prophecy, a vision only those with vision see/
Am the reason lames losing sleep/
With flows to bring back the lost sheep/
Fans don’t know what to say, cause normally they’d ask that I go deep/
But since underground is where I’m from, now it’s time I hit the mainstream/
Becoming tomorrow’s kids dream/
Am dropping fly shit like a pigeon, focused like a surgeon/
That one rapper to believe in like religion/
My mix tape… Highly anticipated/
My words like weed… Highly appreciated/
You rappers been sleeping, Ain’t no need to lie/
Ain’t nobody told me so your music testifies/
How the rap game you sacrificed/
Chorus + Hook (PxSH)


SliQ: Written by Buyani Matsimela (Label: Easy Beez Ent., Recording Engineer: Rudolph Dlakude)

PxSH: Written by Sanele Mhlongo (Recording Engineer: Rudolph Dlakude)

G: Written by Gift Sefako (Label: T.E.A.M Music Group, Recording Engineer: Rudolph Dlakude)

Ryu: Written by Winston Mamintse (Label: G-Cover Records, Recording Engineer: Rudolph Dlakude)

Additional Vocal work by: Feni “SparX” Banda

Produced by: Rudolph “StadiQ Beatz” Dlakude (for Godly Touch Media (Music Division))

©2014 T.E.A.M Music Group, ℗Godly Touch Media

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Only Getting Started

“Only Getting Started (Prod.By StadiQ Beatz)”
Ft. BiG-T, Hip-Naughtic Sean, E.Li & Freddy XL

BiG-T Filtered Intro]

From the bottom is the places where we started
We want it it large.yeah we want it
From the bottom is the places where we started
We want it it large.uh we want it

[Verse 1: Hip-Naughtic Sean]

I'm only getting started, also being doubted Like a broken pencil boy I'm always blunted I came in this game with nothing to prove So you know a nigga got nothing to lose I stick to the script like Sunday morning service And keep blowing trees on a daily basis I'm 'bout my cheddar, you can call me Mr get money Swagger stay fresh hater like new money I'm no stranger to the changes we some best friends If I ever get married my riches will be my best man Niggas keep on hatin' but I never mind 'em Always ahead of the'M' like the letter N My flow is Mediterranean tell the weather man that I'm bout to make it rain again Never be the same again So born to race, nobody is chasing me Shouldn't be the opening act, 'cause I'm the main event

[Hook: BiG-T] 

Hustle hard (we outta here) Guap & Broads (we want it yeah) From the bottom is the place where we started Hustle hard get Guap & Broads,living life we want it large That’s why we gonna get it started (X 2)

[Verse 2: E.Li]

I'm only getting started, yeah you heard it
Got that stupid flow, this beat is so retarded
Steady blowing up, I'm asking how the hell you even doubted?
Pour my heart out in this sh*t and hope I'm never broken-hearted, AH (ah!)
And I ain't saying that to be cool though
'Coz there's a bunch of y'all rapping just to be cool though
F*cking insane best believe I got me that lube ooooon
With so much class what the hell am I in a school for?
Awwww man there he go again
Talking like he made the headlines on that f*cking CNN
But y'all niggas looking stationary, call that CNA
Making moves, but never moving I mean what more can I say? Huh?
And I can't brag, but I'm sounding like I'm the best now
Sleep on me? R.I.P and enjoy the rest now (rest now)
My nigga we ain't feeling ya
My circle small get the hell out of the perimeter

[Hook: BiG-T]

[Verse 3: Freddy XL]

Look at me, look at me
They wonder what I’m doing
I’m headed to the top, hater can’t you see
Uh, Yeah, and I be rollin with my team
They say up you reap what you sow and I’m tryna grow money trees
So im outchea, and im focused, spittin all of this dopeness
I be after that bread, coz, I’m so tired of this broke sh*t
Screamin’ toast to the future
When we pop bottles and pour sh*t
Girl come be my tutor, gimme brains look like you know sh*t
I be passing niggaz, leave em behind as I only cruise through
Smashing women, no strings attached, like we be on that Bluetooth
Dark skin, but I gotta shine
All this hunger, I gotta dine
High as heaven, this THC, while I’m dropping bars on this StadiQ beat
Young black, let my pants sag, got dreams of hopping in a Benz wag
Grab my pad and pencil
Then I play my part like Denzel
I be up like every day, they say my flow retarded
Getting mad props like from everywhere, I only getting started whassup

[Hook + Outro: BiG-T]

Hip-Naughtic Sean Credits: Written by Sean Mudabatsidi (Recording Engineer: Sean Mudabatsidi)
BiG-T Credits: Written by Thato Ntlatleng (Label: T.E.A.M Music Group, Recording Engineer: Rudolph “StadiQ Beatz” Dlakude)
E.Li Credits: Written by Eliezer Mvunabandi (Recording Engineer: Eliezer Mvunabandi)
Freddy XL credits: Written by Khumo Alfred Moleele (Label Quick Cash Intrudar Entertainment, Recording Engineer: Johannes “Luv King” Ngubeni)
Produced by: Rudolph “StadiQ Beatz” Dlakude (for Godly Touch Media (Music division))
Additional production: Thato “BiG –T” Ntlatleng
Contains a sample from a 1981 Bob james “Signs of the time” album,track 6 titled “Love Power” (Tappan Zee Records)

©2013 T.E.A.M Music Group