Thursday, 24 October 2013

Only Getting Started

“Only Getting Started (Prod.By StadiQ Beatz)”
Ft. BiG-T, Hip-Naughtic Sean, E.Li & Freddy XL

BiG-T Filtered Intro]

From the bottom is the places where we started
We want it it large.yeah we want it
From the bottom is the places where we started
We want it it large.uh we want it

[Verse 1: Hip-Naughtic Sean]

I'm only getting started, also being doubted Like a broken pencil boy I'm always blunted I came in this game with nothing to prove So you know a nigga got nothing to lose I stick to the script like Sunday morning service And keep blowing trees on a daily basis I'm 'bout my cheddar, you can call me Mr get money Swagger stay fresh hater like new money I'm no stranger to the changes we some best friends If I ever get married my riches will be my best man Niggas keep on hatin' but I never mind 'em Always ahead of the'M' like the letter N My flow is Mediterranean tell the weather man that I'm bout to make it rain again Never be the same again So born to race, nobody is chasing me Shouldn't be the opening act, 'cause I'm the main event

[Hook: BiG-T] 

Hustle hard (we outta here) Guap & Broads (we want it yeah) From the bottom is the place where we started Hustle hard get Guap & Broads,living life we want it large That’s why we gonna get it started (X 2)

[Verse 2: E.Li]

I'm only getting started, yeah you heard it
Got that stupid flow, this beat is so retarded
Steady blowing up, I'm asking how the hell you even doubted?
Pour my heart out in this sh*t and hope I'm never broken-hearted, AH (ah!)
And I ain't saying that to be cool though
'Coz there's a bunch of y'all rapping just to be cool though
F*cking insane best believe I got me that lube ooooon
With so much class what the hell am I in a school for?
Awwww man there he go again
Talking like he made the headlines on that f*cking CNN
But y'all niggas looking stationary, call that CNA
Making moves, but never moving I mean what more can I say? Huh?
And I can't brag, but I'm sounding like I'm the best now
Sleep on me? R.I.P and enjoy the rest now (rest now)
My nigga we ain't feeling ya
My circle small get the hell out of the perimeter

[Hook: BiG-T]

[Verse 3: Freddy XL]

Look at me, look at me
They wonder what I’m doing
I’m headed to the top, hater can’t you see
Uh, Yeah, and I be rollin with my team
They say up you reap what you sow and I’m tryna grow money trees
So im outchea, and im focused, spittin all of this dopeness
I be after that bread, coz, I’m so tired of this broke sh*t
Screamin’ toast to the future
When we pop bottles and pour sh*t
Girl come be my tutor, gimme brains look like you know sh*t
I be passing niggaz, leave em behind as I only cruise through
Smashing women, no strings attached, like we be on that Bluetooth
Dark skin, but I gotta shine
All this hunger, I gotta dine
High as heaven, this THC, while I’m dropping bars on this StadiQ beat
Young black, let my pants sag, got dreams of hopping in a Benz wag
Grab my pad and pencil
Then I play my part like Denzel
I be up like every day, they say my flow retarded
Getting mad props like from everywhere, I only getting started whassup

[Hook + Outro: BiG-T]

Hip-Naughtic Sean Credits: Written by Sean Mudabatsidi (Recording Engineer: Sean Mudabatsidi)
BiG-T Credits: Written by Thato Ntlatleng (Label: T.E.A.M Music Group, Recording Engineer: Rudolph “StadiQ Beatz” Dlakude)
E.Li Credits: Written by Eliezer Mvunabandi (Recording Engineer: Eliezer Mvunabandi)
Freddy XL credits: Written by Khumo Alfred Moleele (Label Quick Cash Intrudar Entertainment, Recording Engineer: Johannes “Luv King” Ngubeni)
Produced by: Rudolph “StadiQ Beatz” Dlakude (for Godly Touch Media (Music division))
Additional production: Thato “BiG –T” Ntlatleng
Contains a sample from a 1981 Bob james “Signs of the time” album,track 6 titled “Love Power” (Tappan Zee Records)

©2013 T.E.A.M Music Group