Friday, 28 November 2014

Sim Dope

Sim Dope beat remake

When I heard the album "Sim Dope" really stuck out for me, the bassline is bananas I had to mess with this beat and include it on my Destroy & Rebuild 2 beat-tape, this beat tape contains beats remade within 30 mins.

S/O's to Tweezy & Sticky, Nice work fellas.

Monday, 4 August 2014


G - #RSMWU ft.Penny ( StadiQ Beatz)

No lie, 4 girls in the backseat |
They know my girl but they still wanna baps me |
What!? Yeah they wanna baps G |
So I give them all A's - the way they take D |
We at square taking shots like its vaccine |
I’m with your girl, you at home with your vaseline |
And I got couple wifeys. Like its polygamy |
but anyway...I’m like please pass me the weed |
Put it in the hub, while Ccgie roll a doobie |
And it’s that good kush, you can smell it on my hoodie |
And that’s the type of shit that make your girl wanna do me |
So I pass her the j...while I grab on her booty


Scenarios by “G” accompanied by:
“Roll Some More Weed Up” x8

Verse 2

Im chillin! Okay... Sip a long island... |
I just wanna hit girls...I am so violent |
Okay! I'm like please my check my ride man |
You can hear it way before I drive in|
Good kush, good drink... bad bitches |
We’re at Brooklyn... chillin at Tizz’s |
And I’m a boss, so I give your girl the business |
You find me in her cut....she gon' need a couple stiches! |
Baps it up! Baps it up then I need a smoke break |
Baps it up! Baps it up! Then I roll up another j! |
Im in the Beamer, gear 5 in the fast lane |
Might roll another one while your girl gimme brain


Scenarios by “Sparx” accompanied by:
“Roll Some More Weed Up” x8

Verse 3

Penny Talking


Scenarios by “Penny” accompanied by:
“Roll Some More Weed Up” x4


G: Written by Gift Sefako (Label: T.E.A.M Music Group, Recording Engineer: Rudolph Dlakude)
Penny: Penny Mahlalela (Recording Engineer: Rudolph Dlakude)
Additional Vocal work by: Feni “SparX” Banda
Produced by:  StadiQ Beatz (for Godly Touch Media (Music Division))

©℗2014 T.E.A.M Music Group

Wednesday, 2 July 2014



Lyrics on Rap Genius

StadiQ Beatz ft. SliQ, PxSH, G & Ryu
Tryna Have It All

Verse (SliQ)

Yeah I think about this everyday/
I’m a product of my thoughts tryna’ get myself paid/
Put my heart in & though my heart breaks it’s just waves/
The key is to float & I’m in flat fleet that makes sails/
I’ve been materializing the dreams since I woke up/
Getting fizzy when it comes to the cream like soda/
It’s never been a ghost hunt/
Figures, I should let ‘em in when I post cards/
See I play right whenever/
When stakes are high at measure/
Tryna get mine watch me eliminating my contenders/
AS I’m saying this with pleasure, this is making time for cheddar/
I work with workaholics so they ain’t no time for leisure/
Man the money is the target for the passion as a motive/
You should know this, that’s just a reminder you should know this/
It’s that heavy medal tone so the sound is golden/
Gotta put the money where my mouth is & get this gold in/

Chorus + Hook (PxSH)
I’m tryna get it, tryna have it all/
And I’ll be screaming n*gger f*ck the law/
I mean I’m tryna make paper/
I see an image of it later/
Like oh (x8)

Verse (G)

Okay... G’s verse, so you know what it is/
I got poor man’s dreams but sleep is for the rich/
Its workaholic G… & and still I have not done enough/
It’s probably my realest verse, none of this is made up/
Turned 18… & I’ve been tryna get it all/
Do it for my n*ggers, man loyalty is all I know/
With a bunch of b*tches & all these girls is down to go/
So we go… we go.../
But the hustle real, tryna get on stage doe/
Dream chasing, hardly sleeping, napping when I need to though/
So I’m always there to answer when duty calls/
I be like “I’m coming”, that’s something like a booty call/
And still study IT, so I’m tryna get it right /
So all I write is line… that could be code or rhymes /

Chorus + Hook (PxSH)

Verse (Ryu)

Headed to the top/
Yall about to fall/
Swear to never stop/
Till I have it all/
Changing the game to what it should have been/
Am a no dream, I’m a prophecy, a vision only those with vision see/
Am the reason lames losing sleep/
With flows to bring back the lost sheep/
Fans don’t know what to say, cause normally they’d ask that I go deep/
But since underground is where I’m from, now it’s time I hit the mainstream/
Becoming tomorrow’s kids dream/
Am dropping fly shit like a pigeon, focused like a surgeon/
That one rapper to believe in like religion/
My mix tape… Highly anticipated/
My words like weed… Highly appreciated/
You rappers been sleeping, Ain’t no need to lie/
Ain’t nobody told me so your music testifies/
How the rap game you sacrificed/
Chorus + Hook (PxSH)


SliQ: Written by Buyani Matsimela (Label: Easy Beez Ent., Recording Engineer: Rudolph Dlakude)

PxSH: Written by Sanele Mhlongo (Recording Engineer: Rudolph Dlakude)

G: Written by Gift Sefako (Label: T.E.A.M Music Group, Recording Engineer: Rudolph Dlakude)

Ryu: Written by Winston Mamintse (Label: G-Cover Records, Recording Engineer: Rudolph Dlakude)

Additional Vocal work by: Feni “SparX” Banda

Produced by: Rudolph “StadiQ Beatz” Dlakude (for Godly Touch Media (Music Division))

©2014 T.E.A.M Music Group, ℗Godly Touch Media